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What our VPS service is all about

What is FX Choice VPS?

FX Choice VPS is a service that gives you access to a Virtual Private Server. In simple terms, VPS is a remote computer, very much like your own, except that it is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there is an army of IT engineers constantly watching it to ensure its stability.
As an EA user you face the risk of technical problems, if you are running your EA on your home PC. Computers crash, electricity goes out, the Internet stops working. If any of these things happen, your EA is not able to manage your trades. VPS is a great way to ensure that your EA runs uninterrupted.

What is the cost of your VPS service

The cost of our standard VPS plan is €40 a month.

Can I use your VPS free of charge?

The short answer is YES. Is your account balance $3000 or more? If so, you qualify to use our VPS absolutely free of charge. All you need to do is order our standard VPS (for which you will be charged) and trade at least 5 lots during your billing cycle. This is easily attainable by any serious trader. If the volume requirement has been met and your account balance is $3000 or higher, you will not be charged for the next month. As long as you meet both requirements our VPS will remain FREE for you. Essentially you would only pay for the first month.

How many MT4 platforms can I install into a standard VPS?

Our standard VPS is capable of carrying up to 5 instances of MT4/MT5 running side by side.

Why should I choose your VPS over VPS solutions providers?

Most VPS vendors typically offer you a “bare bones” system really cheap knowing you will have to upgrade in order to use it. We rather offer you exactly what you need for a fair price knowing it will enhance your trading experience with us. Our IT engineers will install and activate your EA or EAs and should their new versions come out, we will take care of the updates too.

How do I sign up for your VPS service?

In order to sign up, you must have a funded live account. Assuming that you have a funded live account, log in to your back office profile, go to the Services tab, click on VPS, complete our subscription form and press submit. Once we received your request, we will need a little while to set up.